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and e-nspect

e-nspect has extensive experience and skills in providing highly available and cutting edge solutions based on both UNIX and Windows architectures. e-nspect embraces the open source movement and has particular expertise with Ubuntu, the leading LINUX distribution.

e-nspect's experience with Linux began in '92 with Slackware a 386SX and about 30 floppies. Sine then we have moved on and in the process have tried Suse, RedHat, Debian and now of course Ubuntu.

Ubuntu gets our big thumbs up!

So what can e-nspect do for you with Ubuntu? the answer is just about anything. From complete office productivity desktops, to servers, to Virtualisation to WEB 2.0, from SOA and JEE to C/++, from Sendmail to Apache, from Postgress to Oracle. e-nspect architects, designs, installs, configures, performance tunes, modifies, develops, and of course supports. e-nspect enables you to maximise your investment in Ubuntu through architecting and developing solutions to meet you specific needs. e-nspect takes full responsibility of its solutions and stands by them throughout their whole lifecycle.

With experience within the fields of Telecommunications, Financial Services, Shipping, Internet and new Media, and anything at the Enterprise level e-nspect can deliver at all levels, on time and within budget.