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Welcome to e-nspect, but ...obviously a very old site... for historical purposes only...

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  • Unable to build leagacy code.
  • Need to add new features to an application, but dont have the in house skills.
  • Need to fix a bug in a legacy application
  • Need your legacy application to run on Windows 8
  • CVS -> SVN -> GIT
  • Retire old code
  • Retiring legacy systems
  • Moving from waterfall to Agile
  • you want Infrastructure as code
  • you want Automation
  • you want Devops
  • you want Cloud
  • you want containerisation
  • Fork, Pull, CI/CD == Awsomeness
  • microservices
  • utility HPC
  • Data Centre Operating Systems (DCOS)
  • SRE ... yes i can do this too

e-nspect can help you with these issues and more.


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