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e-nspect2000 represents the radical evolution of e-nspect's existing Real Time Message Monitoring Software.

e-nspect2000 is "the" solution for Microsoft Exchange 2000 server.

e-nspect2000 is a Real Time Message Monitoring software product for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000. Specifically, e-nspect2000 records all message traffic that flows through Exchange's SMTP service. Since Exchange 2000 passes all messages, including those sent internally by MAPI clients (Outlook), through the SMTP service, e-nspect can and does record all activity.

By "real time" we mean that the collected data is instantly available for use in the generation of reports. There is a small delay between when the data is captured and when it can be viewed in reports, but this is only a matter of minutes.

Similar to earlier versions of e-nspect (for Exchange Server versions 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5) e-nspect2000 does NOT use Exchange log files. We have found these to be too restrictive in their ability to provide all the data required to make really useful reports.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our engineering capabilities. This means we use the tools and techniques that will deliver a solution "par EXCELLENCE". We deliver solutions that have the smallest impact on system performance, that are completely stable and are fast. We do this even if it will take us longer to deliver the final solution.

At e-nspect we use low level Application Programming Interfaces (API) coupled with high performance programming languages to deliver low impact, stable and high performance applications.

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