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e-nspect2000 Event Sink Administration Module - Backup/Restore

Using the e-nspect2000 Event Sink Administration program you can easily backup and restore the sink configuration on the host. This option is available, when the host is selected, either from the "Action" menu, or by "right clicking" the host node.

The backup/restore feature only pertains to the hosts metabase. On a Microsoft Exchange Server most of the SMTP configuration data is kept within the Active Directory and hence is not managed by this tool. Only the event sink configuration data resides within the metabase and as such is managed by this tool.

On Windows 2000 machines (with no Exchange Server installed) all SMTP configuration data is kept within the metabase and therefore all configuration data is backed up and restored.

Using this feature it is possible to:


Incorrect use of the e-nspect Event Sink Administration Module can seriously damage you SMTP installation.

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