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e-nspect2000 Event Sink Administration Module - Add a New Sink

Using the e-nspect2000 Event Sink Administration program you can easily add new event sinks by following these simple steps:
  1. Select the appropriate node for your sink. For example, let us assume you have a sink that will run on the OnTransportSubmission event.
  2. Using the Action menu on the MMC, or by right clicking the selected node (for example, OnTransportSubmission), choose the "New Sink" option.

  3. Select the sink file (this file will automatically be copied to the hosts system32\inetsrv directory and registered).

  4. -> select the Next button.
  5. Enter the sinks priority. The priority must be between 0 and 32767 (24575 is recommended for most sinks).
  6. Give the sink a name.
  7. Ensure the Enabled box is selected if you want the sink to run.
  8. Enter the sink class name. This will be provided by the supplier of the sink. As an example, the e-nspect message monitoring sink will be called "e_report.collect" (ignore the quotes).

  9. -> select the Next button.
  10. Enter any SOURCE properties for the sink. Consult your sink documentation for details of what these should be.

  11. -> select the Next button.
  12. Enter any SINK properties. Consult your sink documentation for details of what these should be.

  13. -> select the Finish button.

You have now installed your sink.


Incorrect use of the e-nspect Event Sink Administration Module can seriously damage you SMTP installation.

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