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e-nspect2000 Event Sink Administration Module - SMTP Virtual Instances

After you have connected to a host computer, which should have installed either the Windows 2000 SMTP service, or the Exchange 2000 server, all virtual servers will be displayed.

It has been observed, especially on Windows 2000 Server SMTP installations, that the deletion of virtual SMTP instances is not always done "cleanly". By this we mean that often there appears to be some "residual" data left in the metabase. e-nspect detects this residual data and will often (depending upon the extent of what is left) display the deleted instance, but with no installed sinks. It is quite safe to ignore these instances. Furthermore, due to this, the smtpsvc instance numbers (for example, smtpsvc 2) may not always logically follow one another.

This behaviour can be confirmed using the Metabase Editor to view the SmtpSvc data.

If there is sufficient demand, e-nspect will provide the functionality to "clean-up" such orphaned SMTP instances.


Incorrect use of the e-nspect Event Sink Administration Module can seriously damage you SMTP installation.

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