SQLCache Global Configuration Tasks

The "command cache size", "Default TTL", "Retry Interval", "Tracing File", "License Key" and "expires" are Global SQLCache Parameters located within the Global node.

These parameters are edited either by double clicking on the "global configuration" entry, or by selecting its properties.

The command Cache Size enables you to specify how many individual command parameters and their associated data you want SQLCache to store.

The Default TTL value lets you specify a time to live for all cached data that does not fall within either a service configuration, or individual command parameter configuration.

The Retry Interval is a time period, in seconds, that SQLCache will wait before it attempts to update its cache, should the initial attempt fail.

The License code entry box is where you enter the software license.

The Expiry Date displays when your evaluation period ends, or if you have a fully licensed product.

The Trace File displays if you are currently running a SQLCache trace, and if you are, the location of the trace file. More information concerning tracing can be found here.


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