SQLCache Service Level Configuration Tasks

The "TTL", "Data Provider", "Data Source", "Username", "Password", and "Database" are Service Level SQLCache Parameters.

These parameters are edited either by double clicking on the entry, or by selecting its properties.

Service Level Configuration Parameters are as follows:

Data Provider
When connecting to Microsoft's SQL server there are two options, SQLOLEDB and MSDASQL.

Microsoft recommend SQLOLEDB when connecting to SQL Server 2000 and MSDASQL for previous versions of SQL Server.

Generally, any OLE DB compliant provider can be used with SQLCache.

Data Source
When the Provider used is MSDASQL the DSN should be the name of the System DSN used to connect to the database server. If SQLOLEDB is used the DSN entry should be the name of the database server.

Tip: Create a DSN to your database using, as its name, the name of the database server (for example, sqlserver.internal.com). In this way both SQLOLEDB and MSDASQL can be used.

This is the username used by the client to connect to the database.

This is the password used by the client to connect to the database.

This is the name of the database to connect to.

Time to Live
This is the value, in seconds, that you want to cache the data on the accelerated host. After this time period has elapsed the data is refreshed.


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