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When you purchase an e-nspect license, your uncertainties about the messaging activities of your employees are over!

You will know

  • What are the quantities of messages being sent and received?
  • What are the sizes, in terms of kilobytes (KB) and megabytes (MB), of the messages sent and received?
  • Of the message size, how much is due to the use of attachments?
  • What are these attachments?
  • Who are the watched users sending messages to?
  • Who are the watched users receiving messages from?
  • What are the subjects of these messages?
  • When were these messages sent or received?
  • What was the message address type? (was it to the Internet, an internal user, a FAX recipient, etc.)
  • Who are the top 10 users?
  • Furthermore, the above questions can be answered in totality, for all watched users, in summary, by watched users, and in detail, for every watched user. The breakdown is also described on a per address type basis to enable route costing of messaging traffic.
  • Two report formats are generated. Firstly, all reports are delivered as HTML files, which enable easy visual representation of the data. Secondly, the reports are delivered in CSV file format. This format can be easily imported into spreadsheet and database application packages for further analysis.

Purchasing e-nspect also provides access to the following bonus services:-


FREE 1 year Support contract
You can contact us regarding e-nspect at any time without charge. We will respond as soon as humanly possible, but guarantee a response time within 24 hours of receiving the initial contact. We recognise the importance of offering unsurpassed support and further guarantee that in the course of resolving any issues we will maintain daily contact with you until resolved. Escalation of support incidents is swift and we will not shirk our responsibilities to our clients.

FREE Up-Grades for 1 year
With e-nspect you never need to worry about missing out on exciting new features. When new features are added to e-nspect, notifications will be made to all our customers. If you like the new features and want to upgrade then all you have to do is let us know. We will then send you the latest version, offering complete upgrade assistance, free of charge!

Real-Time Messaging Traffic Monitoring Software

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