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For messaging systems, and particularly email, to be used successfully as a business tool it is vital that its use, within your company, is fully understood. It is imperative for empirical data to be collected and analysed so that you have the information, readily to hand, to aid in your decision making. Normally collecting and analysing this data is a laborious and time consuming process. Don't you just wish there was an easy way of knowing how your messaging systems are being used.

e-nspect will take this responsibility off your hands. e-nspect will monitor, in real-time, the messaging activities of your employees. This data will be collected and made instantly available for the generation of reports. This enables you to stop worrying about how your messaging systems are being used. Now you will know if email is being used inappropriately, and importantly by who. What is more, you will have the information to help scale your systems to meet current and predicted levels of usage. You will be able to identify areas of heavy usage and respond accordingly. e-nspect gives you the confidence of being fully informed about your company's messaging usage, crucial leverage in the management of any vital company resource.

Another huge advantage of e-nspect is that it doesn't just work with standard internet email. Perhaps you use Exchange as a FAX gateway, or as a connection to another corporate messaging system.
e-nspect will capture and report on this usage too, its an all round solution to your unified messaging headache!

e-nspect is totally transparent to the email sender and receiver - they need never know that you are using e-nspect. However, e-nspect does provide you with the ability to warn your users that their messaging activity is being monitored.

How does it work? If you are using Microsoft's Exchange server versions 4.0, 5.0, or 5.5, simply install e-nspect, configure it to watch some or all of your users, and within minutes you will be ready to receive those vital reports. It really is that simple!

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