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As managers and administrators of messaging systems we have often be faced with answering some rather generic and simple sounding questions.

  • How are our messaging systems being used?
  • Can you be sure no one is abusing our systems?
  • Are our employees sending or receiving prohibited material?
  • How much is it costing us?
  • Who uses the messaging systems and to what extent?

Are any of these familiar to you?

However, when you actually try to answer these questions, and especially in the detail which is really required, it is obvious that the task is not so simple and certainly will take some time! What is worse, it always seems that it is the CEO or MD who asks you these questions. These are not the sort of people who can put off for long!

We discovered that what people wanted most of all was for some kind of easy to use program which would provide all the information required to answer such questions quickly, yet also supply data in a format that could be conveniently imported into other application packages for further analytical analysis. e-nspect is the answer.

It does not get any easier!

Real-Time Messaging Traffic Monitoring Software

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