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Please Note. This pricing information is NOT for e-nspect2000.
Pricing information for e-nspect2000 can be found Here

e-nspect Editions
e-nspect presently comes in 2 Editions, called Workgroup and Site.

e-nspect Workgroup Edition
e-nspect Workgroup Edition enables you to monitor the messaging activities of a single distribution list, or user, who's mailbox is located on the same server that e-nspect is installed on.

e-nspect Site Edition
e-nspect Site Edition enables you to monitor the messaging activities of multiple distribution lists, or users, who's mailboxes may be located on different servers within the same Exchange Site.

Server allocation is based upon the watched users home server on a first come, first served basis. For example, if you have a 2 server site edition then
e-nspect will only monitor users located on the first 2 unique servers it encounters, which is based on the user's home server property. Upon finding a 3rd,4th, or 5th unique home server property, e-nspect will drop the user, and all subsequent server users, from the list of monitored users.

The ability to monitor multiple distribution lists or users is dependent upon the server license. The base Site Edition (2 servers) allows 5 unique distribution lists, or individual users, to be monitored. Subsequent server additions enable the monitoring of an additional 2 distribution lists, or individual users. For example, a 4 server Site Edition of e-nspect will enable you to monitor up to 9 separate distribution lists, or individual users.

Workgroup Edition: 900.00 Euros
Site Edition
(base version - 2 servers):
1100.00 Euros
Each Additional Server for Site Edition: 250.00 Euros

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