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Real-Time Messaging Traffic Reports

Here is the latest NEWS from e-nspect

A New Report is Released in version 3.2

You want to know more about attachments, don't you?

  • What type of attachments are people sending and receiving?
  • What are the quantities and sizes involved?
  • Do we have a problem with MP3?
  • Which users are responsible for all the attachment traffic?
  • Are the attachments being sent and received part of our normal business traffic?
Now e-nspect will answers these questions for you!

View a sample report < HERE! >

More news...

Evaluating e-nspect Site Editions

If you would like to evaluate an e-nspect Site Edition drop an e-mail to sales@e-nspect.co.uk. Dont forget to include the generated key code and to tell us how many servers and/or distribution lists you want to monitor.

To generate this code, open up the e-nspect configuration page using the Exchange Server admin GUI. Select the license key button and then generate your code. We will then send you a code, which will enable you to turn your Workgroup Edition into a Site Edition.

Real-Time Messaging Traffic Monitoring Software

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